Geography is one of the key components to the study of world history.  It is important for students to understand where major physical features of the world are located and how they have impacted life throughout time.  

Physical Characteristics (AKA Physical features)
 Characteristics or features shown on a map that are created by nature.  Including:

     - tropical, dry, moderate, polar, or continental
     - temperature

Bodies of Water
     - oceans, seas, lakes, river, streams, etc.

mountains, hills, deserts, grasslands, etc.



Human Characteristics (AKA Human Features)
haracteristics or features shown on a map that are created by man and or determined by people. Including:

     - structures built by humans such as:  buildings, bridges, roads, monuments, etc.

Population factors
     - density (number of people living in an area)
     - distribution (where people live – urban, rural or suburban)
growth/change (includes birth and death rates and life expectancy) 

You decide....human or physical feature??


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