This site provides resources and review materials for 7th grade World History.  Historical eras from Ancient Greece through Exploration of the New World are included.


Below are the daily agendas from the three previous school years, when the course was taught by Ms. Lockso at HMS.

Tuesday 6/3

Last Day - Have a wonderful summer!

May 31st 2014

Monday 6/2


May 31st 2014



Site created by TLockso to be used for 7th grade Social Studies in the Hubbard Exempted Village School District.  


Original creation Summer 2011, updated weekly through June 2014.


The three sections which will offer the most information to current 7th graders taking World History are as follows:

1. Class Resources - offers a variety of links to resources for research, as well as tools to help students complete class assignments.

2. Units - topics are broken down into the units of 7th grade World History.  Includes vocabulary, Notes & Handouts as well as review questions for the students.

3. Terms - lists the most used vocabulary words and definitions for 7th grade World History as well as online practice activities to review/study these words.


Current Unit:










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