Spring Break 4/18-4/21!!

Thursday 4/17

Goal: to connect the empires of the middle ages

1. Complete Weekly Reflections (165 points)

2. Individual work time, conference with me as needed

April 17th 2014

Wednesday 4/16

Goal: to connect the empires of the middle ages

1. Individual Work time on Part 1

2. Checkpoint 1

April 17th 2014



Site created by TLockso to be used for 7th grade Social Studies in the Hubbard Exempted Village School District.  

email locksot@hubbard.k12.oh.us

Original creation Summer 2011, updated weekly.





  • Students should be reviewing Terms 1-80 as well as the Unit 6 Age of Empires background information for this week's surprise quiz
  • Question of the Week #21 Redo - due Wednesday 4/23
  • Wednesday - Students who are currently earning a "D" or "F" in class will be bringing home a Grade Concern Sheet, it needs to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to be by Friday 4/25
  • Students will be working on the Unit 6 Project in class all week -
  • Checkpoint 2 will be Thursday 4/24 - students will need to show me rough draft/ideas for Part 2 essay 










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