Fundamental Tools Vocabulary


K-6 Vocabulary You Should Know

           Quiz 1 - Week of September 9 (Skills & Methods, Geography & History lists)

         Quiz 2 - Week of September 16 (Government & Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities lists)

           Quiz 3 - Week of September 23 (Peoples in Society and Economic lists)


Other Vocabulary Words we will be discussing during this unit include:

Cultural Practices - patterns of behavior accepted by a society

Cultural Products - items created by a society; can be tangible (able to touch - such as books, tools, clothes) or intangible (not able to touch - such as plays, music stories)

Cultural Perspectives - opinions accepted as being right or true (AKA belief systems)

Economic Characteristics - traits pertaining to the culture's economy including how wealth is gained or lost, trade, specialization, taxation, etc.

Social Characteristics - traits pertaining to how people interact and communicate
Political Characteristics - traits pertaining to government and its interactions with citizens

Physical Features/Characteristics - natural aspects of a place or a quality of the Earth's surface constructed by people

Human Features/Characteristics - an aspect of a place or a quality of the Earth's surface constructed by people

Region - area sharing common physical or cultural characteristics

Physical Region - areas that share the same climate, plant & animal life or landforms (physical features)

Cultural Region - areas that share the same cultural characteristics such as language, history or religious beliefs

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