Steps to Finding Your Grade

Ms. Lockso

Your grade will appear as a fraction on all of your graded assignments.  This fraction can easily be converted to a decimal, and then to a percent. 

Example:  + 20          # correct
                     25          Total # of points possible

Step 1:
        Divide (as you would when converting any fraction to a decimal). 

Step 2:
        Convert the decimal to a percent. 

                .80 = 80%          (.80 X 100 = 80%)


Step 3:                                                                            Grade Scale
        Find your score on the grade scale.                          100-93   A
                                                                                                  92-83  B
                                                                                                  82-73  C
                                                                                                  72-63  D
                                                                                                   62-0   F

 Step 4:

      Double check your score(s) with PAM.  If you find any discrepancies please let me know, so that we may double check and clarify the concern. 

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