Renaissance & Reformation Vocabulary


1. Renaissance - era of “rebirth” in art and literature that began in the 14th century and was characterized by a revival of interest in the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome; started in Italy.

2. Humanism - the study and belief that human actions, ideas, and works are important; focus on individualism

3. Classical writing - ancient Greek and Roman writing

4. Patron - wealthy person who gives an artist, or group of artists, money and attention

5. Printing press - machine for printing books, using movable type; invented by Johan Gutenberg

6. Clergy - religious leaders

7. Theocracy - government ruled by religious leaders claiming authority by God

8. Divine Right – prior to the 17th century and Enlightenment many people believed that God gave a monarch the right to govern/rule citizens

9. Enlightenment - movement during the Renaissance when people started to question Divine Rightl tried to use reasoning and scientific thinking to understand and explain the world

10. Reformation - religious movements in Europe that resulted in the separation of the Protestant church from the Catholic Church

11. Heretic - church member who disagrees with the official doctrine or teachings of the church; someone who goes against the church rules

12. Indulgences - paid pardons from the punishment for sins

13. Theses - statements written by Martin Luther criticizing the church practices



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