General Policies and Procedures
Ms. Lockso
World History - Room 118

Class Expectations – S.O.A.R.R.

  •  Come to class prepared everyday.
  •  Speak only at appropriate times.
  •  Respect the rights, property and opinions of others.
  •  Take responsibility for yourself, your decisions and your actions
  •  All rules stated in the HMS Code of Conduct must be followed. 

Behavior Plan – as a consequence for breaking any of the above rules, the following steps will be taken.

   1. Verbal Warning
 Writing Assignment (due the next class WITH a parent’s signature)
   3.   Phone call home
   4.  After school detention 
   5. O
ffice referral


  • I grade using a point system; all items have equal weight.
  • Students and Parents/Guardians are able to view grades online using PAM as often as they wish.  
  • Students are expected to stay up to date with all of their grades.


  • Every week students will have either a “surprise” quiz or a test.
  • Surprise quizzes will be covering the topics in class (specifically focusing on the 7th Grade Terms in relation to the current unit).
  • Tests and quizzes will come from the information given in class.


  • Written homework will be kept very minimal;
  • Students are expected to be working on something for my class every evening for a minimum of 15 minutes, whether it is a written assignment (such as finishing an assignment online) or studying for an upcoming quiz.
  • A variety of projects will be assigned through the year – these projects are required, NOT optional.
  • If you are observed completing homework in any class without the teacher’s permission, you will receive a “0” on that assignment with no option to redo it. *This includes the very beginning or end of my class.


  • On the home page of this website, the daily agenda is listed as well as reminders of upcoming events for class.
  • I also will be sending out a weekly e-newsletter for all families interested in receiving it.
  • School planners also offer an effective way to keep track of all assignments.
  • I will be happy to sign any student’s planner, provided s/he brings it to me already filled in at the end of his/her class – I will NOT ask for it.

Late/Missing Assignments

  •  Students may receive partial credit if they turn in any assignment late.
  •  10% will be deducted for every day late that work is turned in.
  •  Late assignments will only be accepted within one week of the original due date or credit, after that the assignments may still be turned in but will earn no credit.

Grade Update Sheets

  • During the second and seventh weeks of each grading period I will be sending home grade update sheets for students earning a D or F at that time.
  • I will also send home updates if a student’s grade has changed significantly.
  • I may also send home update sheets when a project has not been turned in.
  • The form needs to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned within two days.
  • If it is not signed and/or returned on time the student will receive a detention.

 Absent Days

  • If you are absent on a particular day or days you should:

1.     Check the Agenda on the Class Website (it lists what we did in class for each day) and double-check the Current Unit Calendar (on website and posted in class).  

2.    Ask a classmate what happened while you were absent.

3.    Turn in any work that was due while you were absent and/or make arrangements to make up any tests or quizzes that were missed while you were absent.  

  • If you are absent from class, but not school, you are expected to turn in work ahead of time.  Missing class due to another activity is NOT an excuse for turning work in the next day.  If you are in school, but miss class and do not turn in an assignment until the following day points will be deducted as the assignment will be late.
  • NOTICE: If a test/quiz is given the day you were absent, you will be expected to take it the day you return.
  • If you are absent for a “surprise” quiz, we will decide if you will make it up or if your next one will just be doubled.

 Bonus/Extra Credit

  • 5 points per box of tissues or roll of paper towels – limit 4 items for the entire year.
  • Various in-class extra credit opportunities will be given throughout the year.

Extra Help

  • Students are encouraged to come in if they are having difficulty with a topic or assignment or if they would like extra help.
  • PLEASE ask me for help if it is needed.  I’ll do whatever I can to help once I know there is a need…if you don’t let me know – how will I be able to help?
  • AM Tutoring Session will be held from 7:00 until 7:20 every Tuesday in my room.

 Restroom Usage

  • If you must use the restroom you need to ask at an appropriate time and have your planner for me to initial.  Once you have gotten permission – you need to sign out by the door and take the hall pass with you, then sign back in upon returning.
  • Students may not leave my room more than twice in any given week.
  • Failure to complete any of these requirements will end your restroom usage from my room. Please be sure YOU do not abuse the restroom privileges.

Locker Usage

  • Students will be given locker breaks throughout the day.
  • Students will NOT be permitted to leave my class to get materials from their lockers.  All materials should be brought to class.
  • No items may be placed on top of the lockers.
  • Students are not allowed to decorate the inside or outside of their lockers with anything that is adhesive.
  • Lockers will be checked periodically.  Make sure to keep them neat and organized.

 Contact Information

  • Parents/Guardians may contact me in several ways:

1.  send a note in with the student

2.    call me at school (330) 534-1921 ext 3118

3.    email me at (make sure to put the student’s name in the subject line)

4. Click on the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the class website - fill out and submit (it will automatically email me)



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