Characteristics of Culture Review 

Government-         system of ruling or controlling a group of people
-         examples include democracy, republic, monarchy, dictatorship, and tyranny

-         managing of money or resources
-         how a group earns or spends its money

-         belief in or the worship of God or a group of gods

-         moral ideas or philosophy of life

-         two main categories          

1.   monotheism – belief in only ONE God

2.   polytheism – belief in MANY gods

Values and Beliefs
-         feelings that certain things are true or real
-         faith and/or having ideals; moral standing
-         belief that certain things are right or wrong

Customs and Traditions
-         habits / rites of passage
-         something that has been done over and over for a long time
-         handing down of stories or beliefs from generation to generation

Arts and Recreation
-         anything someone does for enjoyment or relaxation
-         the arts include music, movies, theater, museums, and/or dance

-         items worn by people to cover their bodies
-         may make a statement about their thoughts or opinions

-         a place or building of some sort that covers or protects

-         what is known by one or a group
-         for example the United States is very knowledgeable about many things including space travel, medicine, military, etc.

any person or thing used as a means to get something done
-         for example books are a tool of education

-          way of passing on thoughts or feelings to others
-          two types
                   1. Verbal             2. Non-verbal

items eaten by people in a given society


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