Ancient Greece Vocabulary


  1. city-state
    Defn – form of government that includes a town or city and the surrounding land controlled by it; AKA polis
  1. democracy
    defn – government in which citizens take part

  1. direct democracy

defn – all citizens have an equal vote on all issues before a decision is made 

  1. citizens

defn – persons meeting the requirements of a given society to allow them to have certain rights

  1. civic participation

defn – taking part in activities or events that benefit the society 

  1. voting qualifications

defn – criteria needing to be met to be allowed to vote

  1. rights

defn – power, privilege, freedoms to which citizens are entitled

  1. responsibilities

defn – duties that need to be carried out; actions that one is accountable or answerable for

  1. specialization
    defn – development of individual jobs 

  1. systems of labor
    defn – organizations of workers within a society 

  1. cultural advancements

defn – new ideas or knowledge to continue the growth or success of a society 

  1. technological innovations

defn – introduction of new ideas or devices into a society’s known technology 

  1. cultural practices
    defn – patterns of behavior accepted by a society 

  1. belief systems

defn – opinions accepted as being right or true 

  1. philosophical ideas

defn – general beliefs, concepts, attitudes understandings of values and reality

  1. cultural products
    defn- tangible or intangible items created by a society 

  1. legacies
    defn – anything handed down through the generations 

  1. trade
    defn – buying or selling; barter; to get something in exchange for giving something


  1. war
    defn – opposition between two groups; a contest carried on with open hostility toward each other

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