Age of Empires Review Questions

Study Island - pick topics of "Medieval Europe & Feudalism" or "West African Kingdoms"


Students will be completing a variety of questions as we review all of the notes & handouts for this unit; Questions will be posted on this page as we finish them; students' answers will be found on their copies (will be saved in their documents in Microsoft Word). 


Age of Empires Background Questions

1.       What system did the Franks use to bring stability to Western Europe?

2.       True or False – The Mongols and Huns are the same people from the eastern part of Asia.

3.       Were Mongols able to conquer Japan? Why or why not?

4.       Who were the Moghals (Mughals)?

5.       What caused the people of the Middle East to unite?

6.       Name two groups who the Ottoman Turks conquered.

7.       Categorize each (Byzantine, Arabic, Ottoman empires) as being Muslim or Christian.

8.       What led to the growth of markets during this era?

9.       How did trade cause interdependence to increase during this era?

10.   Explain why each of the following became great areas of trade (Constantinople, Timbuktu, Silk Roads, and Khyber Pass).


Age of Empires Overview Questions

1.       What area(s) of the Eastern Hemisphere embraced Christianity during this historical era?

2.       What area(s) of the Eastern Hemisphere embraced Islam during this historical era?

3.       Why was Constantinople so important to the Byzantine Empire?

4.       What is a major difference between Christian and Muslim ideals about the spread of their religion?

5.       Name five contributions of the Arabic Empire.

6.       What are two major similarities between India and China during this time period?

7.       Why were Mongol invaders able to capture much of northern China?

8.       Name and explain the major economic idea that is repeated over and over again though these different cultures.

9.       What is a pilgrimage?

10.   All three of the West African kingdoms became well known for what products?


Byzantine Empire Questions

1.       What are three cultural advancements of the Byzantine Empire?

2.       Explain the split of the Catholic Church.

3.       What ultimately happened to the Byzantine Empire?

4.       Compare western and eastern Europe during this historical era.  You need to have a minimum of two similarities and two differences.


Islamic/Arabic Empire Questions

1.       Where is the Arabian Peninsula?

2.       Why is the Arabian Peninsula well suited for trade?

3.       How did Muslim leaders expand the empire?

4.       Explain the difference between the Shi’a and Sunni.

5.       What is a caliph?


Mongol Empire Questions

1.       Mongols controlled land where?

2.       How did the Mongols govern?

3.       Explain the Pax Mongolica.

4.       How/why did Mongols encourage trade?


West African Kingdoms Questions

1.       What caused the trans-Saharan trade to start?

2.       What ultimately happened to Ghana (give at least 2 ideas)?

3.       Name and give at least two achievements of two of Mali’s rulers.

4.       Compare Songhai to Mali.

5.     What ultimately happened to the West African Kingdoms?


Ottoman Empire Questions
. Why were the Ottomans able to conquer so much land?

2. Who led the Ottoman Empire?

3. What were two great achievements of Suleyman?

4. Which previously studied empire did the Ottomans conquer?  Why major change did they make there?

5. Why do you think the Ottomans granted religious freedom?

6. Compare the life of a woman in the Ottoman Empire to the other women from this era.


Mughal Empire Questions

1. The Mughals were a branch of what other Empire from this era?

2. Why is the time Akbar ruled known as the “Golden Age”?

3. What led to great unrest (and ultimately the decline) in the Mughal Empire?



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